Unravel the thr…

Unravel the thread, let the fable unfold…The tale no longer remains untold!

This was a quote a couple of years ago that propelled me into writing my 2nd novel. Currently, at the moment, I’m still free writing my seventh chapter, just getting it all out there on the page. Sometimes I struggle with re-reading what I have written, which wastes time and corrupts my thinking and creative process. Now, since doing my undergraduate degree, I do free style writing, letting the words fall on the page, not correcting or thinking about if what I’m writing sounds weird. As long as its on the page – I have something to work with.


I follow Kate Grenville’s The Writing Book’s guidelines:

  • Never Leave a Blank Page
  • Don’t wait for the Mood
  • You can fix it up later
  • Don’t wait for the time to write

I have collected a couple of writing exercises to work with, just to get my creative writing flowing before I start writing my novel. It helps to engage and inspire me.


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