Update on 2nd Novel + ALLERGIC REACTION – Writing Exercise

Today started off with me doing a writing exercise for fun – getting the creative juices flowing and to have a good laugh. I then sorted out my two folders for my 2nd Novel and started splitting my chapters into each individual section to see what I have done and where I’m at. I’ve always written chapters from start to finish, one by one, and in chronological order. Today, I tried a different method because one chapter and it’s significant scenes, towards the end of my novel, I had to finally type out my notes onto a new page. I still need to add pieces here and there, but its on the way. So I’ve been dealing with the start of my novel where my couple meet and their relationship forms, but there’s one part in their relationship that speaks the loudest to me, where all their issues from family life erupt, and corrupt their relationship. It’s the biggest chapter where my central characters come alive.

Anyway, here’s the fun writing exercise I typed out today:


Pumpkin seeds.


Is that a good combination?

Right now it isn’t. All my life I have been eating pumpkin seeds. From parties with relatives, at home lounging on the couch, munching them down, one by one. And now, you’re telling me, I’m allergic to them? That’s absurd.

But my body doesn’t think so.

I’m sick of you eating them, it tells me.

But, you’ve been digesting them for so long, I don’t see what the problem is?

There not good for you.

How so?

Have you seen your legs and arse?

That’s a bit rude.

Well, it’s high time someone told you what it’s doing to your body.

But why the extreme of giving me hives whenever I eat them?

I need to wean you off them. Hives became the best solution.

Sounds like you’re trying to kill me.

Well, if that’ll puts a stop to it, then we’re on the right track. Otherwise, you’ll never lose weight, keep eating like a scavenger, and look, where are we now, you’re obese and won’t get out of bed.

Like I said, that sounds very extreme.

Listen sweetheart, it’s either now or never. And if I hear you complaining one more time, I’ll set a wrath of hives all over your body this time, not just on your legs, got it?


A part of me is disappointed with myself. How can one piece of food all of a sudden set off an allergy to your body? Mum says it’s because of all the salt in my body – I have too much. I’m not completely sure this is the point, I’ve tried to do research on the web, but I’m not sure where to look. Maybe a nutritionist can help me?   

Either way, I’m screwed. It’s just that, pumpkin seeds are such an easy snack, and I enjoy the taste (obviously) and how, with your teeth, you can crack it open and get the seed out – all with my mouth, no need to use two hands like when you eat pistachios. Anyway, the habit of eating them must go…or perhaps I can have five at least. Not once a day of course, that would be pushing it. But, perhaps, just five once a week or fortnight, is that a good compromise?


I wasn’t talking to you missy.

It’s still a no.

Fucking hell!


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