Major Discovery: Scrivener – ever heard of it?

Major Discovery: Scrivener – ever heard of it?

Last night I was browsing my blog reader and came across a new post from the blog ‘Writing Historical Novels.’

How I Write My Historical Novels, by Eva Stachniak

I read through the post like an ordinary person until I came across the word ‘Scrivener.’ I clicked on the link and wouldn’t you know – it’s a word-processing program for writers of any kind – from novelists, academics, short-story writers, journalists, playwrights, screenwriters, even NaNoWriMo contestants! Why hadn’t I heard of this program before?

I was gobsmacked, downloaded the free trial and I was hooked. It’s the most easiest way for me to manage and organise my novels into individual projects, whilst having subfolders and a visual corkboard or outline to organise my characters, scenes, research and ideas – all in one program. Instead of me having separate word documents of different chapters on Microsoft Word which I can’t view all at the same time. 

I’m in bliss.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to write novels, short stories, manuscripts or just to experiment with a new word-processing program. For 30 days the trial is free, and you can get it on Windows or Mac – it costs around $40 but their are coupons online and I received 25% off – type in ‘YADDO’ for your coupon discount 😀

Coupon link here:


Too bad Writer’s Block isn’t here to stop me.


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