New-Adult Fiction – heard of it yet?

New-Adult Fiction – heard of it yet?

There’s a new genre aimed towards the age group of 18 to 30 year olds because Young Adult fiction could not make the cut.

I actually did find it troubling and hard to find books that were about twenty-year-olds, because YA fiction encompasses protagonists between the ages of 13 to 25. But now, with NA fiction, the huge gap between adolescence to true adulthood has been created.

Moreover, publishers are marketing this type of fiction because of us – the Millennials or Y generation who are currently going through these ‘coming of age’ step in our lives from adolescence to adulthood. These include:

  • getting out first steady jobs
  • going to uni
  • living away from home for the 1st time
  • apprenticeships
  • your 1st serious relationship
  • loss of innocence
  • drug abuse
  • alcohol abuse
  • sexuality
  • empowerment
  • fear of failure
  • identity
  • familial struggles
  • engagements
  • marriages

Some of these themes are common in YA fiction whilst others are not. Do you support this new genre?

I find it great that they have collected all these types of themes together for a specific age-group because it was struggling to find this particular age group in YA fiction. However, the genre is just a collection for an age group that was already written about – it has just become prominent with its own label.

Easy to find and buy now = marketing.


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