Drawing to Visualise Characters


When you write stories, do you draw your characters or images in your head on paper? I  always drew for fun when I was young. So when it came to drawing my characters in cartoon/anime forms, just to inspire me, it was natural.

Here are characters from my 1st and 3rd novels that I’m writing. However, the drawings of my protagonists in my 2nd novel are still not completed.


As you can see, I have more fun drawing Ancient Greek images. For my 3rd novel I was inspired by a Greek cup my Dad has which you can see below. My main characters were based off these images.


Do other writers enjoy the craft of sketching out their characters? It’s a great exercise to stimulate the brain and get your creative juices flowing.

Writer’s find it easy to tell a story in their head, but when it comes to writing it down and expressing it in the real word, it becomes tricky – even when it comes to drawing and doodling down what you’re trying to express to a reader or viewer.


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