Short Story – The Celestial Goddess of Magic – IN PROGRESS

Uni has started for me, and already I am keeping up to date with all my uni work, for now. Next week I am workshopping my first piece. I have decided to write a historical fiction short story – based on a sorceress on the island of Lemnos, who is influenced by the goddess Hekate. I have always wanted to write a short story about Ancient Greek and Roman magic, and even Ancient Greek love magic.

I have been doing research for this story since last year, and getting snippets of information that I have found significantly important. I was first influenced to write this piece when I discovered a photograph of a Greek relief where a young girl is holding her two pet doves. I’ve also done further research and am slowly developing this girls character – how she became the head priestess of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods (the Kabeiroi sanctuaries) of Samothrace, and why the goddess Hekate chose her to spread her cult during the Hellenistic age – being mindful that this is fiction of course and that imagination and some simple facts of evidence can make your brain go wild with story lines.

Everything is falling into place. It’s just about jotting down a couple of lines here and there, and then fleshing out the story.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful ancient Hymn devoted to Hekate. Just the language and use of epithets towards the goddess are breath-taking. Enjoy!

Hymn 1: To Hekate

I INVOKE YOU, beloved Hekate of the Crossroads and the Three Ways

Saffron-cloacked Goddess of the Heavens, the Underworld and the Sea,

Tomb-frequenter, mystery-raving with the souls of the dead

Daughter of Perses, Lover of the Wilderness who exults among the deer

Nightgoing One, Protectress of dogs, Unconquerable Queen

Beast-roarer, Dishevelled One of compelling countenance

Tauropolos, Keyholding Mistress of the whole world

Ruler, Nymph, Mountain-wandering Nurturer of youth.

Maiden, I beg you to be present at these sacred rites

Ever with a gladsome heart and ever gracious of the Oxherd.


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