My Short Story ‘Helike’ is now linked onto the website – The Helike Project

John William Waterhouse: Thisbe - 1909

I have great news. The short story I wrote for my Major assignment for Creative Writing last year has been linked onto the Helike Project page. The Helike Society is based in Aigion, Achaea in Greece, they are the principal scientific non-profit organization which promotes and supports scientific research to reveal and develop the site of Ancient Helike. They were founded in Aigion in 1982 at the initiative of Dora Katsonopoulou, archaeologist, and other personalities from the city of Aigion. Since 2000, archaeological excavations of the Helike Project in the area of Helike are conducted under the auspices of the Department of Geology, the University of Patras and the Helike Society under a permit from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

I was able to contact the Director and President of the Helike Project, Professor Dora Katsonopoulou, and asked if she could place my short story on their website to help promote their work and the awareness of Ancient Helike to the public.

This is the link:

Go to the sublink: News from Helike

Scroll down to the bottom until you see: More Information on Helike available at the following links.

The photo above by John William Waterhouse was where I got my inspiration to write about my character Alethea and her life. And I knew I wanted to write about the story of the destruction of Helike, but also the message of how history is in the past, people’s stories are lost throughout time. However, they can be remembered by sparking people to think about ancient people by discoveries and archaeological excavations. Literacy in the ancient world was not very common, so those people who did not have their life written down for them, their story embedded or scratched on a piece of papyrus, paper or stone can at least be remembered by archaeological evidence. Whether that be a building, statues, jewellery, tombstones, pots, plates or even coins. People now can at least think about them, and that’s what I want my short story to portray. To get modern people to think and reflect about the past, because without the ancients, we wouldn’t be here today.

Having my story up on the Helike Project website has allowed me to be very proud of myself. But also, to help educate people about Ancient History through creative writing, placing the two things I love in life together – it’s fantastic!


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