Busy Writing


Busy, busy, busy. That’s what I have been. Writing prolific and ruthlessly on workshop material for uni, and for my own pleasure of writing.

An update on the Celestial Goddess of Magic, it’s slowly progressing, I have been able to develop Sapphina’s character more, highlighting important scenes in her priestess duties to the people, the temple and the sanctuary of the gods. Her feelings and thoughts are flowing well. I’ve had to delve into research about ancient Greek weddings that were held at public festivals, giving my own little twist of imagination to my story. Other characters I have slowly developed such as Sapphina’s friends Myrhinne and Caecina –  it’s fun playing with ancient names.Image

Novel 2 has been on hold for a while now, but I will be workshopping the Opening Chapter for a workshop, which would be great feedback on critiques. I was trying to balance out scenes and summaries with narration through this chapter.Image

Novel 1, though, I have been spending over two hours every night, editing and rewriting my work. Writing new scenes from different focalisers that will help enrich the story and structure of the novel, giving the reader a more in-depth experience of the world of my characters and the telling of the narrative. The unit I am currently doing, Writing Young Adult fiction has been excellent help in my process to finally going back to my first novel, that I wrote all the way in year 11, in 2008 – a very long time ago. It’s funny how much practice writing can do to a writer over a couple of years, especially being educated at uni. I could not believe how much scribbles and notes I have written on my 6th draft of this novel, going through every chapter, one at a time, gobsmacked of how I have over-written scenes and summaries when I was younger, unaware  of this. Thank god, I have been practising my craft in writing!

Anyways, till next time!



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