Update on Creative Writing Progress – June


Well, it has been another start to a busy month. I had 5 assignments due which are now finished: 2 were creative and I had a ball writing and finalising the pieces, 2 were reflective essays and the last was a Major Research Essay I chose on the transformation of the role of the author.

2nd Novel Update and Poetry Course:

The development of my 2nd novel is coming along, I’ve decided to use Transmedia storytelling and multiple text types to tell my characters story.I recommend Andrea Phillips book A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling. I’m hoping that when NaNoWriMo starts in November, I shall dedicate this month to finally finishing the first draft of my 2nd novel, although this might be hard to do, considering I’m doing 3 units again as a postgraduate and all the assignments are due at that time, so fingers crossed.

Book Jacket Image

I’m hoping that once I get feedback on one of my assignments I can publish it in a historical fiction journal/magazine. I’m really aiming for this year to be focused on writing historical fiction short stories and developing my 2nd novel. I’m also doing Poetry next semester which will be a clean slate for me as I have never done a course on it before and am very hesitant when it comes to publishing poetry as I have not practised it as much. This is one skill I’m really looking forward to master and hopefully start publishing my own poetry in the future. I’ve always loved reading Poems, they are beautiful masterpieces.

On holiday:

Map of Greece

I am also going to Greece in exactly 1 week and am very excited to get a lot of research and pictures for my 3rd novel that is based on Lesvos/Lesbos in Ancient times. My family is from this island, but my grandfather on my dad’s side was from Lemnos, the island above Lesvos. This will be the second time for me going to Greece; the first time I went was in 2005 and I was only there for 3 weeks and had only seen Athens and Lesvos. This year I shall be island hopping with my Mum and boyfriend of 3 years, from Mykonos, to Santorini to Crete, back to Athens for a Classical Tour, then spending 19 days on Lesvos – so exciting! I cannot wait to see all the archaeological sites of Thera, Akrotiri, Delos, and many others. And I won’t be back until mid-week of the first week of uni next semester. So I have a lot of reading to get through before then.



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