Once Upon a Time I was a Harry Potter Fan Fiction Writer

Yes, you heard correctly, I used to write Harry Potter fan fiction. How old was I you may ask, at the budding age of 14. It was in 2005 when the 6th book of the series came out and the third movie as well. I had never read the books before until that year. I had a friend who was reading book 4 and another who was reading the new book 6. After reading a couple of pages of book 6 I was hooked. Towards the end of the year after finishing all the books of the series, two friends and I wanted to read more, it turned out, there was loads of fan fiction online. I came across one story on the http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com website and the first story I read was a Draco and Hermione romance. Yes, to a lot of peoples horror, I became a Dramione fan – something about unforbidden love and opposites attract stood out to me. I wonder how many other fans are out there? I even read, if I can remember, oh yes, Oliver Wood / OC romances, and friends of mine read stories based in the Marauders period on Lily and James Potter and Sirius.

Then, at one point, after reading a lot of fan fiction – and I blame this activity for the reason why I need to wear glasses – I thought to myself, hey, I could write something like this too. So off I went on the Harry Potter train ride (figuratively speaking of course) and started writing fan fiction stories. This was the time I started taking my writing seriously and experimented with telling a story. I wrote 3 novellas (and to my horror they are still not finished) and one short story. It has nearly been 10 years since I first started writing Harry Potter fan fiction – do I still write them now? No, although, I still have that voice at the back of my mind saying, finish them, finish the novellas you started. But then I think about all the great work that I am doing now, how my writing has changed so much since my younger years. Writing fan fiction can be something embarrassing, a dark secret; but it was the first time I started practising writing on a daily basis, writing stories that I ‘published’ on websites and contributed to the fan base, something that I cared about. Because, I will admit, I’m part of the Harry Potter generation, and J. K. Rowling inspired me with her imagination. Whenever I sit and watch a Harry Potter movie, I always think, wow, someone actually came up with this story, and if it wasn’t for her, we would not have it. That’s what I want to do.

How many others are out there like me who started this way with online writing?



6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time I was a Harry Potter Fan Fiction Writer

  1. I think that fan fiction is a great place to practice writing. You can make stories of virtually any length, and people will read the. That’s the amazing part. If you ask most people, “Will you read my novel?” They will run the other way, but with fanfiction you might even get feedback that you can use to improve.
    I love it.

  2. “I thought to myself, hey, I could write something like this too.” I’m so glad to see that someone else had this same line of thought when they were reading the series! I started writing because of Harry Potter (also fan fiction, though I had no idea it was called that when I was writing). I finished one of the fan stories I’d been writing this past year, but like yourself, I’ve discovered my own stories and have officially moved away from fan fiction.

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