Greece Holiday Part 1: Athens – The Acropolis


Well, it has been a long time; I think nearly over 10 weeks now since my last post. My holiday to Greece was amazing – seeing all the archaeological sites, family, the people, seeing the villages again my grandparents grew up in, the food, the ongoing bread appetizers with olive oil and vinegar, and finally, the beaches and the laid-back attitude of the Greeks.


In Athens, it was hot and humid. The hotel we stayed at was about 15-20 minutes away from the Acropolis by walking distance. We passed a Starbucks, patisseries that were open up at 6:30am in the morning. The Flea market of Monastiraki was closed at this time of the morning – we went through a walkway, passing all these shops that would be open later on in the day. We walked passed Hadrian’s Library, taking heaps of photos and then made our way to the Acropolis with a dog as our guide. He led us all the way up to the Acropolis, it was unreal; but we kept following him for over 10 minutes – he was a smart dog.


Finally at the Acropolis entrance we bought our tickets and hiked the steep walkways up the mountain – this was the second time I have done this in my life. Everything was made of marble which always astounds me because you wonder how any ancient individual was able to get this heavy material up a mountain – even at Ancient Thira on Santorini – but that’s for another post.


Anyway, once we were up there we took all our panoramic shots, like good tourists do, seeing some stray cats about which is typical in Greece. They had heaps of ancient column bases stacked up on each other. We also went to the two theatres surrounding the Acropolis (the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Theatre of Dionysos) and other little mini sites around the area (the Sanctuary of Pan) – there’s just so much history everywhere! The only one thing we didn’t do during the two days at Athens was go to the new museum that a lot of people afterwards that we met on our holiday talked about. We also hadn’t realized that the tickets that we had purchased had 5 tickets on them, allowing us to gain access into the museum – so we will definitely be doing this next time.


With my creative writing, I took so many pictures of the Ancient relics, land, pottery and the great treasures sold inside the Flea markets. It’s a great collection of pictures to inspire me to write a story about Ancient Athens; but I believe Athens is the most referred to and written about city-state of Ancient Greece. Other cities on the Aegean Islands and Cycladic Islands are not commonly written about and not as well-known which is what I like to write, to make people more aware of the variety of Ancient Cities and their histories. But who knows, perhaps one day I will write a short story based in Ancient Athens, there’s a whole lot of research of the place!


What did other people who have visited Athens like or dislike about the area?

My next post I will be writing about Mykonos and Delos.




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