Greece Holiday Part 2: Mykonos – Delos


To start my holiday in Greece we were at Athens until we started our island hopping tour to Mykonos. We took a 6hr ferry from the Piraeus port in Athens to Mykonos. I advise anyone, if you are sitting in the economy class, go up to the top deck and go outside to look at the view when you are passing Greek islands and stopping at some. The water is beautiful and the atmosphere very relaxing when you are outside.


We got to Mykonos pretty early in the morning and stayed at the Mykonian K Hotel at Chora (the main white/blue-washed capital) for 3 days. We went to Paradise, Super Paradise and Pranga beach by AV quad bikes – driving sensibly of course because we were driving on the other side of the road compared to Australia. All of the beaches were beautiful as you can see, just be aware that at Mykonos you get charged for using their chairs and umbrellas that are set up at the beach. Because the island is so commercialized, they get a lot of money from tourist attraction and to use their equipment it was 12 euros! A massive rip-off compared to when we went to Santorini and it was 6 euro, and then Lesvos where it was nothing, but you were obligated to buy a frappe drink, which was fine. Because like the Greeks say, you’re living the cosmopolitan life, sitting on the beach chairs, enjoying the view

.ImageImage Anyway, we learnt the hard way about being charged for using the beaches equipment and learnt next time to just sit on the sand – at different beaches it is either sandy, pebble-like or even stony for the surface that you walk on. Very different to Australian beaches. We went down to the Chora a couple of times, eating at the restaurants and walking through the towns shopping market – such beautiful pictures can be taken and you do a lot of walking. We went to the famous Windmills.


And finally, we went to Delos. I’ve always wanted to go here, especially when I was learning about the island when I was doing an Alexander and the Hellenistic World subject at uni. It took us 30 mins to get to the island from Mykonos, and as soon as you reach the port, there are ruins everywhere! I’m amazed that throughout history the island was a prosperous, cosmopolitan marketplace and trading port. It fascinates me to know that the ruins are still intact.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI took my Panasonic video recorder and started filming immediately. I had my boyfriend taking pictures for me of the area, and as soon as our English tour guide started speaking, she asked me, ‘Are you recording this, you are not allowed,’ in her heavy Greek accent. I couldn’t believe what she had said. It disheartened me and I stopped taping her, even though she was telling these interesting, elaborate stories about the island. I then started recording again, but this time being smart and not having the camera face the tour guide, but her voice and stories still being heard. It had to be done.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageI recommend to anyone, if you go to Mykonos you must go to Delos and see the archaeological site and museum.

Overall, I had an interesting experience at Mykonos, but Santorini was my favourite island, it won my heart, and I will tell you more about it in my next post.




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