Greece Holiday Part 4: Akrotiri and Ancient Thira

ImageImageWhile at Santorini, on the third day we went on a Notos Day Bus Tour to the excavations of Akrotiri, Red Beach, Perivolos beach, Megalochori and Pyrgos villages, and the Santo Wine winery. We had a wonderful guide, who allowed me to video record her. She had such a wealth of knowledge about the island and its history – I was hooked. We entered into a building that was built around the archaeological site to keep it safe and preserved. There were stones everywhere, covered with volcanic material! Highlighting the street network, buildings and drainage-sewerage system of the city. This was a Minoan Bronze Age settlement. It was exciting. I had studied Akrotiri, Ancient Thira and the similarities they had with the Minoan Palace of Knossos (Crete will be my next blog post), all the way back in Year 11. And here I was, at one of the archaeological sites I had studied in high school. I was once again video recording while my partner took heaps of photos for me. We later on visited the Museum of Prehistoric Thira which housed finds from the excavations at Akrotiri. next day, our last day on Santorini, we visited Ancient Thira. Little did we know it was all the way up on a mountain! You heard correctly, a mountain! There was a couple of us that were being transported up there so my partner and I had to wait for a small car to come and pick us up – and thank god we were in that car and not on the bus, unlike my poor mum. Going up the mountain, it was very steep, and you followed a winding road – there was no barricades. Once we were up there, it was really windy. Our driver told us to be careful; once I stepped out of the car, the door slammed shut behind me from the wind – that’s how rough the wind was. We bought our tickets and off we went exploring by ourselves with our pamphlets like good tourists. It was amazing, to be up on this mountain, wondering how on earth the Ancient people did it and build their whole lives around this mountain. You get a sense of ease and recognition that they did so much in their lives – it’s fascinating. And one thing I always like to remind people, is that, if it wasn’t for the Ancients, we would not be here today. Later that day we visited the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and I was overwhelmed seeing all the artifacts and frescoes of these Ancient Sites.


I’ve also been inspired to write a short story about Ancient Thira, I’ll hopefully write it soon, it’s listed down as another project for me to do, and I have so much research and pictures from visiting the site and studying it during Year 11.

Till next time,




3 thoughts on “Greece Holiday Part 4: Akrotiri and Ancient Thira

  1. Nice post Claire ! this brought back memories for me with my friend from Colorado who sadly has since passed away but we had precious times together at Akrotiri Santorini.

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