Update on Creative Writing – Poetry and Third Novel – NaNoWriMo

ImagePhoto by Effy Alexakis, Photowrite: http://www.photowrite.com.au/

Hi Everyone,

This semester at uni has been flying fast. I have been working on my third novel – a YA Historical Fiction set in Ancient Greece told from dual perspectives, one male and one female. I’ve only written two chapters, but I’m very delighted with the progress and character development I have established. I’m hoping to do NaNoWriMo next month and work prolifically on this novel – get everything down on the pages! What a task! I did NaNoWriMo briefly in 2010 but found it difficult with uni assignments and wasn’t able to complete it. Although, I was able to start my second novel – a YA Contemporary, so I was happy about that, and I will be working on the novel next year for the Manuscript Project – part of my Masters  degree. Back to the NaNoWriMo topic – I’m just hoping to work along my third novel, and also get my four assignments completed before the due dates of the 11th of November – then it will be much easier to focus on the task of completing 50,000 words!

I have also been working on poetry – I would have never believed that poetry was a calling to me. I always saw myself as a writer, writing prose narratives. But doing the Poetry Seminar this semester, has opened my eyes to the amazing qualities of writing poetry. I have been able to write down and flesh out important topics to me, and what I want to be represented for. I’m hoping to submit a couple of poems to Voiceworks Magazine: http://www.voiceworksmag.com.au/, for their upcoming issue – themed ‘Perspectives’
– fingers crossed.

Anyways, till next time. My next post should be another Greece Holiday installment
– this time at Crete.



4 thoughts on “Update on Creative Writing – Poetry and Third Novel – NaNoWriMo

      1. Awesome!
        I signed up back in 2010 and have my account sitting there.
        I’m not sure how to add writing buddies though on it
        – I think they delay the link button for a while until November starts

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