Short Story – Helike: Published in MC2 Magazine

ImageHi Everyone,

I wanted to share some great news. Finally, after one year since I found out ‘Helike’ was going to be published in Macquarie University’s mc2 Magazine, the day has come. The magazine presents an anthology of outstanding writing by undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University, Sydney.

I went to the FOCUS event tonight at my university, where the launch party for the magazine was combined with the short films screenings produced by students within the Department of Media, Music, Communications, & Cultural Studies. It was a wonderful night, and I want to thank my lecturer from my Genre Writing unit when I was an undergraduate, and who was the Editor and Designer of mc2 magazine, Volume 2, Matthew Asprey Gear. I cannot forget to thank, Jane Messer, who is the Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Macquarie University, who was my lecturer for my Creative Writing Capstone unit, where this short story came about. And I cannot forget to thank my workshopping group from 2012 S2 ENGL390: Writing for Production and Publication, and my family and boyfriend. The mc2 magazine is available as a free eBook.

My short story has been out now for over one year since it was first published by The Quarry Journal. I am amazed with its success in such a short time, especially that it is my first publication, and I am very humbled that it has given me a lot of opportunities, and connected me with social networks, and The Helike Society and Helike Project all the way in Greece, plus, it has been translated in Greek!

I also wanted to mention, I will be the Copy Editor next year for Grapeshot Magazine at Macquarie University. A very exciting endeavour.

Till next time,

For more information about this short story go to:

Direct link to the short story:


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