2014 Historical Genre – Popularity On The Rise


Hi Everyone,

The post I wrote about Historical Epics– Films and the Genre has me thinking about all the new films coming out in 2014. There are so many historical films like:

  • Noah (one of many)
  • Pompeii (one of many)
  • Sparta: Rise Of An Empire
  • Hercules: The Legend Begins
  • Atlantis – new TV series
  • And I have to mention Katy Perry’s music video ‘Dark Horse’ depicts Ancient Egypt!


There is so much going on with historical mass production, I feel like it is on steroids at the moment. Maybe not the best simile. But I think it has something to do with the popularity of fantasy and history tying in together. The TV series, The Game of Thrones, has also sky-rocketed, and with all these dystopian films and fiction, like The Hunger Games, and Divergent, I think the genres have become hybrids together. And if historical films and TV shows are advancing in distribution and consumption, that means the historical fiction market must be rising as well. When I was doing Writing YA Fiction, a lecturer told me that historical fiction was on the rise again with mythology based novels, such as: Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus, and the Goddess Girls series. There was also another novel published by Walker Books titled, Nymph by Tonya Alexandra that my fellow blogger, RL Sharpe, reviewed and interviewed. So knowing about all of this mass production and popularity, perhaps there is hope for us historical fiction writers in the YA market, there is an economic demand, ay?

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6 thoughts on “2014 Historical Genre – Popularity On The Rise

  1. Love reading historical fiction and your beautiful wall paper for this Blog. Being of Greek background might have something to do with my admiration.
    This year The Society of Women Writers NSW has a high number of historical fiction authors speaking at their literary lunches in the Dixson room at the State Library of NSW – as we as our recent women writers weekend at Wilton- if you want to know more or become a member just log onto http://www.womenwritersnsw.org
    Cheers Maria

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