Writerly Update, April

ImageI’ve been working on my Manuscript Project for the past couple of weeks now. It’s been great, except for the fact of having to update my daily word count on CAMP NANO – I’m not racing to hit 50,000 words, I’m racing to get certain Chapters completed within a week. So NaNo hasn’t really been working for me. I’ve decided to bail out, and just focus on my chapters I’m working on. It’s a bit stupid for me to update a word count when I’m just trying to get the first draft written before Semester 2 starts again at uni. So I’ll be tweeting about my completed chapters, not about my word counts. It’s the chapters I’m more concerned about as I have 50 to write. I’m up to chapter 12, but I’m a bit behind than my tracking sheet that I’ve organised for my project. NaNo was a good motivation, but I think I might just leave it until November, that’s if I want to do it at the end of the year. So I’m still keeping a writing life around social media, just not using CampNaNo – you have to do what works for you. Originally I was just going to tweet about my chapters, and now I’ve just gone back to my original idea. You have to follow your gut.

At the beginning of February and for 10 weeks, I was doing a short Modern Greek language course at Sydney University for myself, and also for research for my Manuscript Project. It was fantastic!

I’ve also written another historical fiction short story for a uni assignment. Hopefully at the end of the year it will be published. I’ve also been doing a lot of copy editing work for Grapeshot, and just trying to balance assignments and working on this project.

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