Writerly Update, November

IMG_8050Hi Everybody,

It has been a crazy year for me. The reason why I haven’t been blogging as much on my creative writing updates is because I have been thoroughly focused on my creative thesis for university. Writing a 25,000 word manuscript project has been challenging, exciting, and mind-blowing and I’m so proud of the end product.

During semester 1 I went through the first stages of writing the entire first draft of my novel, 45 chapters and 136,000 words to be exact. Even during the holidays I was still researching and writing. Then in semester 2 I had to go through the stages of rewriting and ‘killing my darling’. At first I was angry and couldn’t possibly think about redrafting and changing the whole plot of my novel and changing the structure – but I allowed myself to go through a 24 hour breakdown/meltdown and then I snapped myself back together.

I took charge and printed off old slideshows with motivational phrases by Jane Messer from previous lectures I’ve done throughout my Masters degree and hanged them up on my bedroom wall.

  • Writing is rewriting, redrafting, learning to discard, to throw away, but also to collect and hoard notes, ideas.
  • The writer understands that though she might loved this draft to bits, it is not perfect. It is a draft. It can and will change.
  • Good writing can be achieved through revision, rewriting, rethinking – that is through practice. And practice takes time.

And I’m so glad I did this. I was able to refocus and hone in on my writing and changed one major plot element – and the novel has changed in a fantastic way. The pacing has changed, I’ve tightened plot elements, and everything seems to seamlessly entwine.

Now I just have to hand it in soon with my introduction about my project’s aims and finito!

Till next time,



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