Grapeshot Issue 8 – History In Review: When Rusty Met Rotty & Creative Poem: Yiayia Maria Says


Hi Everyone,

Here is the article, “When Rusty Met Rotty” that I wrote for Issue 8 of Grapeshot, with the theme, Green. To read more lushes and herb-filled articles, please read the digital copy of Issue 8 on Grapeshot’s website, and don’t forget to check out my old History In Review articles throughout the year under our ‘Regulars’ column online.

Issue8_WhenRustyMetRottyAlso published in Issue 8 was my first poem depicting Australian-Greek identity and Greek Diaspora, ‘Yiayia Maria Says’. I’m so happy that one of my poems representing multicultural issues is finally out there! It’s been a real struggle this year trying to get any of my poetry published representing these themes in Australia.

IMG_8190IMG_8194copyediting_issue8YiayiaMariaSays_Poem_Grapeshot_Issue8It has been a fantastic year being the Copy Editor for Grapeshot 2014. I have learned valuable skills and had an amazing experience that has given me extraordinary opportunities. It has reaffirmed my love for books, magazines, writing, words, and editing! And I’m so grateful I was able to create the ‘History in Reveiw’ column for Grapeshot, writing regularly about huge themes and topics that I’m passionate about. And a big thank you to all the editors at Grapeshot and the great effort and loyalty of our contributors, we couldn’t have done it without you guys. And a massive thank you to Mia Kwok and Sarah Basford – my two Editor-in-Chiefs this year.

Happy reading our last issue!

Photo by Nicholas Rider
Grapeshot Team 2014 Photo by Nicholas Rider:

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