A Call To My Greek Mythology Friends – which Greek God is this?

To my fantastic Greek Mythology Friends,

I purchased this Greek Bronze statue for my father for Christmas 2014, but the owners of the shop said it was the last of its kind and they didn’t know his name. The white tag that was on him said “Greek God” and because he was a part of an old collection, they did not have the catalogue book to help me.

Adonis1 Adonis2HyakinthosHe is from the Veronese Design collection of “Classics” and “Greek and Roman Mythology”. I’ve looked everywhere online to find out who he is, but his picture is nowhere on the internet. I’ve even tried to contact the owners from Veronese Design, but that has failed. And I looked up the distributor store where I purchased him from, Foundation Rock Quality Giftware, but there was no information.

My only guess is that this statue is of the Greek God “Adonis” – Aphrodite’s lover, and the god of beauty and desire. Or perhaps, but not likely, the Greek Hero, Hyakinthos – Apollo’s lover who died by a discus.

Adonis3 Adonis4

What do you guys think?

I found a similar reproduction 19th century bronze figurine of Adonis found at Pompeii. My guesses are it’s most likely him.


Please help me solve this mystery!

Best wishes,


8 thoughts on “A Call To My Greek Mythology Friends – which Greek God is this?

  1. Hi Claire

    This is a wonderful piece and I can see why you are having a difficult time classifying it. I agree with you, I do not think it is Adonis. I did notice the crown or wrath around his head. I do not think it is Apollo because he does not have a lyre or bow. I do not claim to be an expert yet I can see that he is young with boyish features and has a femine stance, suggesting that it is a male lover of one of the gods. My best guess would be Ganymedes. The young handsome Trojan prince carried off to olympus to be Zeus’ lover and cup-bearer to the gods. In many art rendering of him he is seen naked with a robe or cape draped around him. His crown might suggest and affiliation to the gods. His body stance is that of an ‘S’ shape, a stance many artists use for female characters and to show submission. Also because his head and eyes are lowered.
    Anyways I hope this helps. Good luck finding out and let us know on you post I am curious who this represents.


  2. Hi Paul,
    Great to hear from you! I forgot about Ganymedes! I had a quick search for him on Google, but he’s always seen posing with an Eagle representing Zeus. So it’s still up in the air. Great suggestion and analysis of the statue though!

    I forgot to mention, the reason I thought it was Hyakinthos was because of the flower on the ground beside his foot.

    I’ll definitely keep you posted.


    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Lovely to hear from you! I was thinking along those lines that it could just be a “Greek Youth” but then I keep thinking about the tag that was on the statue when I initially bought him. It’s really confusing. But I’ll definitely keep this in mind 🙂 Thanks for your help!

  3. What a beautiful asset. Perhaps I do have to disillusion you. Your guess is that this statue is of the Greek God “Adonis”, but I would think more of any adonis, or youthful man of the earlier times when people also love to enjoy the beauty of the created person.

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