Greek Bronze Statue – Mystery Solved!


Hi Everyone,

A week ago I sent a call out to my Greek Mythology friends about a Greek Bronze statue I purchased for my father for Christmas. Thank you to Paul Gauchi and Rebecca Lochlann for commenting. We were all so close with our analysis of the statue. Rebecca, you thought it could be a “Greek Youth” and Paul provided a very good examination on the statue’s stance and crown, thinking it could be a lover of one of the gods. And I thought it was Adonis because he seemed so “beautiful”, but then because of the flower on the ground next to him that he’s staring down at, I thought it was Hyakinthos.

Turns out, thanks to my fantastic Thia, who has the same statue in her collection, and who found the original card from the box of the statue that she put away, this Greek Bronze statue is: NARKISSOS / NARCISSUS.

Narcissus Card

This explains the flower on the ground, which is actually floating on water, and Narkissos is standing on a rock! Ah, the signs!


Narkissos was a handsome youth who fell in love with his reflection from staring into a pool of water.

Narcissus Sculpture Marble from Pompeii Statue Replica

More research shows that a French sculptor, Paul Dubois, carved this actual statue of Narcissus (his stance and portrait). So the bronze statue I have is a replica of his! Mystery solved!

A huge thank you to my Thia again, and to Paul and Rebecca for providing their Greek mythology insight! Such a puzzle to work out, but good to test our knowledge!

Best wishes,


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