The Digital Writers’ Festival & LIVE C1Blitz Teen Review Panel – My YA Novel: Amaranthos

Hi Everyone,

I had the fantastic opportunity as an early bird entrant for the Chapter One Blitz 2015 competition, on the 22nd of February, to have the first chapter of my contemporary YA novel, Amaranthos, with one of my two main characters, Thanos, to be critiqued during the LIVE C1Blitz Teen Review Panel as part of the Digital Writers’ Festival, along with my friend from uni, Ally Bodnaruk’s YA novel, Shattering, who told me about this fantastic competition and event.

You can watch the whole LIVE Teen Review Panel critiquing other entrants work, and you can also fast forward to the time 1:32:25 to listen specifically to my feedback. It was an amazing experience to have passionate YA readers react to your work and love your main character – especially when I worked on this book throughout last year as part of my creative thesis. I forgot to mention that this was a partial first chapter which would explain the ending. And I knew that the amount of swearing in the chapter would perhaps be a problem. Other than that, I was so excited to hear that the two reviewers, Harry and Roshni, found my character relatable, felt connected to him, and wanted to read more – that’s every writer’s dream! And to top it off Harry said that this was his favourite piece, that he found the chapter authentic, and that he felt bad for Thanos and his situation. Listening to them review my work was just as nerve-wracking as my sister’s wedding (literally the day before) when I was her Maid of Honour! But it’s all been great and such a busy weekend.

I cannot wait to start critiquing other entrants’ work on the 6th of March when the chapters become available to the public.

I’ll update you again then.

All the best,


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