First Archaeologist Interview: Dr Stavros Vlizos about The Amyklaion: Amykles Research Project

Stavros Vlizos on the steps of the altarHi Everyone,

I had the pleasure to interview Dr Stavros Vlizos, the Assistant Director of The Amyklaion: Amykles Research Project. He is an archaeologist, a researcher and lecturer at the Ionian University in Corfu. I contacted Stavros in March 2014 and asked if he could cite my short story, Taras’ Parthenians on the Amyklaion’s website to help promote their work and the awareness of the sanctuary of the Amyklaion to the general public. In my short story the main scene of rebellion between the Parthenians against the Spartans took place at the sanctuary of the Amyklaion. Stavros answered 15 Questions I had about his work directing and organising the project, the purpose of the project, and its aims for the future. This is an interview to commemorate his hard work.

A huge thank you once again to Stavros for his contribution.

You can check out the Archaeologist Interview on the Interview category on my blog here.

Best wishes,


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