Greek-Australian Cultural League’s 2018 Antipodes launch & 45th Anniversary!


On 7 October 2018 I was in Melbourne celebrating Greek-Australian voices in literature!

It’s been a bit of a tough year for me with my writing, juggling the business side of being a writer, while also tutoring, wedding planning for 2019 and working full time.

Since 2015 when I won 1st Prize for the GACL Literary Competition I’ve been submitting my poetry every year, but this year, I originally wasn’t going to submit a new creative writing piece so I could take a break and refresh myself for 2019. I was feeling down as a writer and struggling with writer’s block as well as juggling a crazy life since I got engaged. But I received an invitation from GACL President, Cathy Alexopoulos, to be one of their featured artists in a special section in this year’s Antipodes. It was going to have a new contemporary design and they were celebrating its 45th Anniversary.

I couldn’t turn this amazing opportunity down. I needed this push to slap me out of my writer’s block. I needed to persevere like I always tell aspiring writers and start writing.

So I’m proud to say that one poem ‘White Butterflies’ and a historical collection of three flash fiction pieces titled ‘The Poison’ were published in this year’s Antipodes, but also my featured artist section.

I want to thank the Greek-Australian Cultural League for providing this wonderful platform for Greek-Australian writers. Congratulations again on its 45th Anniversary, and thank you Cathy Alexopoulos for asking me to be one of the featured artists this year!

Best wishes,
Claire xx

For more information about my poem White Butterflies click here.

For more information about my historical collection of flash fiction piece The Poison click here.







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