Second Archaeologist Interview: Dr Dora Katsonopoulou about The Helike Project

dora_kapelloHi Everyone,

I had the pleasure to interview Dr Dora Katsonopoulou, the Director of The Helike Project, and President of The Helike Society based in Achaea, Greece. She is an archaeologist, a researcher, a consultant of international research programs and Board member of scientific Institutes and Organisations, a guest lecturer at Universities and Institutions, and she has organised four International Conferences on Ancient Helike and Aigialeia. She is the Leader of excavations conducted at Helike near Aigio since 2000. I contacted Dora in February 2013 and asked if she could cite my short story, Helike, on the Helike Project’s website to help promote their work and the awareness and significance of the project and archaeological digs, but also for modern people to be educated, to relate to the history of Helike, and to place faces and names to the Greek citizens who were part of the tragedy when the town was lost in history, and lastly, for modern people to have empathetic understanding. My short story is about the destruction of Helike from the perspective of one of its citizens that I created, Alethea. Dora answered 15 Questions I had about her work directing and organising the project, the purpose of the project, and its aims for the future. This is an interview to commemorate her hard work since 1988.

A huge thank you once again to Dora for her contribution.

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Short Story – Helike: Video of Gianna Stefanatou Reading at The Helike V Conference

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that the video I have been waiting for of the actress Gianna Stefanatou reading my short story ‘Helike’ at the Helike V Conference on the 4th of October 2013 at the University of Patras in Greece is out!

Although my short story was read in Greek, the pace and how the story was read with emotional intensity was brilliant, along with the beautiful piano playing. I’m ecstatic! Wish I was there. It’s wonderful to see my short story brought to life. Best wishes to the Helike Society!

Here is the link:



Short Story – Helike: Published in MC2 Magazine

ImageHi Everyone,

I wanted to share some great news. Finally, after one year since I found out ‘Helike’ was going to be published in Macquarie University’s mc2 Magazine, the day has come. The magazine presents an anthology of outstanding writing by undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University, Sydney.

I went to the FOCUS event tonight at my university, where the launch party for the magazine was combined with the short films screenings produced by students within the Department of Media, Music, Communications, & Cultural Studies. It was a wonderful night, and I want to thank my lecturer from my Genre Writing unit when I was an undergraduate, and who was the Editor and Designer of mc2 magazine, Volume 2, Matthew Asprey Gear. I cannot forget to thank, Jane Messer, who is the Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Macquarie University, who was my lecturer for my Creative Writing Capstone unit, where this short story came about. And I cannot forget to thank my workshopping group from 2012 S2 ENGL390: Writing for Production and Publication, and my family and boyfriend. The mc2 magazine is available as a free eBook.

My short story has been out now for over one year since it was first published by The Quarry Journal. I am amazed with its success in such a short time, especially that it is my first publication, and I am very humbled that it has given me a lot of opportunities, and connected me with social networks, and The Helike Society and Helike Project all the way in Greece, plus, it has been translated in Greek!

I also wanted to mention, I will be the Copy Editor next year for Grapeshot Magazine at Macquarie University. A very exciting endeavour.

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Short Story – Helike read at The Helike V Conference in Greece

008Photo of Me by Effy Alexakis, Photowrite: Everyone

I have wonderful news. I have photos from the Helike V Conference at the University of Patras in Greece, that took place between the 4-6th of October 2013. My short story ‘Helike’ was read at the Opening Ceremony by the actress, Gianna Stefanatou, accompanied by a pianist! I’m waiting for a recording to be posted soon by The Helike Society. The Conference was dedicated to the patron god, Poseidon, of Helike (an ancient Greek city). I’m ecstatic to see the photos and very humbled that it was read at an Ancient History and Archaeology Conference.

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My Short Story ‘Helike’ will be read at The Helike V Conference in Greece

ImageHi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some great news. My short story ‘Helike’ that was published on Macquarie University’s English Department’s The Quarry Journal in Issue 1 2013 will be read by an actress to The Helike V Conference during the opening ceremony on October 4, 2013. The Conference is dedicated to the patron god of Helike (an ancient Greek city), Poseidon, and will take place at the Congress Center of Patras University in Greece. I’m very excited to know that my writing will be a part of the Ancient History and Archaeology community – putting two passions of mine together.

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My Short Story ‘Helike’ is now linked onto the website – The Helike Project

John William Waterhouse: Thisbe - 1909

I have great news. The short story I wrote for my Major assignment for Creative Writing last year has been linked onto the Helike Project page. The Helike Society is based in Aigion, Achaea in Greece, they are the principal scientific non-profit organization which promotes and supports scientific research to reveal and develop the site of Ancient Helike. They were founded in Aigion in 1982 at the initiative of Dora Katsonopoulou, archaeologist, and other personalities from the city of Aigion. Since 2000, archaeological excavations of the Helike Project in the area of Helike are conducted under the auspices of the Department of Geology, the University of Patras and the Helike Society under a permit from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

I was able to contact the Director and President of the Helike Project, Professor Dora Katsonopoulou, and asked if she could place my short story on their website to help promote their work and the awareness of Ancient Helike to the public.

This is the link:

Go to the sublink: News from Helike

Scroll down to the bottom until you see: More Information on Helike available at the following links.

The photo above by John William Waterhouse was where I got my inspiration to write about my character Alethea and her life. And I knew I wanted to write about the story of the destruction of Helike, but also the message of how history is in the past, people’s stories are lost throughout time. However, they can be remembered by sparking people to think about ancient people by discoveries and archaeological excavations. Literacy in the ancient world was not very common, so those people who did not have their life written down for them, their story embedded or scratched on a piece of papyrus, paper or stone can at least be remembered by archaeological evidence. Whether that be a building, statues, jewellery, tombstones, pots, plates or even coins. People now can at least think about them, and that’s what I want my short story to portray. To get modern people to think and reflect about the past, because without the ancients, we wouldn’t be here today.

Having my story up on the Helike Project website has allowed me to be very proud of myself. But also, to help educate people about Ancient History through creative writing, placing the two things I love in life together – it’s fantastic!