Flash Fiction – The Poison

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Flash Fiction published in the Greek-Australian Cultural League’s 2018 Periodical Antipodes.

‘The Poison’ is about three points of view, one event, a state debt, and poison.

This collection of three flash fiction pieces was influenced by a famous account in Ancient Greece about a woman, Priestess Theoris of Lemnos, who was convicted and sentenced to death by the famous orator, Demosthenes, for being a witch, using magic and drugs, and deceiving slaves to trick their masters.

Theoris is quoted in Demosthenes’ speech Against Aristogeiton (a fourth century politician), many years after her death while Aristogeiton was on trial due to his inherited debt to the city from his father and his unpaid fines, and therefore, he was being persecuted by the classical Athenian democracy to disenfranchise him.

However, in history, there are conflicting arguments about who Theoris was, as well as her relationship to Eunomos and Aristogeiton (two brothers). And so I wanted to play with unreliable narrators in this horrible situation.

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