Poem – Mnemosyne’s Amaranthos

Poem published in the Greek-Australian Cultural League’s 2015 Periodical Antipodes.

Mnemosyne's Amaranthos_poem3

I attended the launch party of the Periodical Antipodes of the Greek-Australian Cultural League in Melbourne on Sunday the 15th of November 2015 as I had submitted a poem of mine for their Literary Competition. I was ecstatic to learn that I had won first place for my poem “Mnemosyne’s Amaranthos”!

Mnemosyne’s Amaranthos is about the persona feeling linguistically alienated and yearning to learn their Greek language by invoking the Ancient Greek Goddess of memory and language, Mnemosyne.

The poems will offer readers an awareness about multicultural issues and the emerging types of Greek generations in Australia.

Mnemosyne's Amaranthos_poem

I love the Antipodes’ cover of the flower – it’s beautiful! The word ‘amaranthos’ in Greek means ‘everlasting flower’.


If you would like to purchase the Periodical Antipodes, you can become a member online on the Greek-Australian Cultural League’s website here, where you will receive a free copy of the bi-lingual periodical.

And for more information about the 2015 Antipodes Periodical Launch party click here.

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