Poem – Name Day

Poem published in the Long Distance themed issue of Contrappasso Magazine in 2015.


On Saturday the 14th of November 2015 I attended the launch party of the Contrappasso Magazine’s special issue Long Distance where my poem “Name Day” was published. I was the first writer to read out their poem as I had to leave early to my brother’s girlfriend’s 21st Birthday party. My mum and partner came with me to celebrate this momentous occasion.

This is my first poem that has been published outside of Macquarie University. It was rejected twice from two different publications but I still kept my fighting spirit going – as a writer you learn to deal with rejection and you must build a backbone in the industry and keep persevering.

I’m so grateful and humbled that it was selected for this special publication! A huge thank you to Theodore Ell for choosing my poem.


‘Name Day’ depicts cultural displacement and Greek-Australian identity. My name becomes a symbol of the distance between myself, Greece and the act of migration itself, and all the life history that is involved. (Below is page 1 of 3 of my poem. Pages 171-173 in the book).

Name Day_poem1

The poem will offer readers an awareness about multicultural issues and the emerging types of Greek generations in Australia.

My poem is dedicated in loving memory to my Yiayia Claire who died in August 2015. I would have loved to have celebrated the publication of my poem with her because it expresses ideas and issues about our non-Christian and non-Greek name.

To purchase the Contrappasso: Long Distance book, you can go to Amazon. Check out their website here.

For my original blog post on this publication check it out here.


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