Poem – Uncover Pyrrha


Poem published in the Greek-Australian Cultural League’s 2017 Periodical Antipodes.

“Uncover Pyrrha” is about the persona yearning to connect with their lost heritage and to learn the unique and untold stories of hidden cities. It is a journey of uncertainty and anticipation as the persona moves closer and closer towards a Wonder.

The poem explores the concept about the magic of place and the emotional pull it has on different types of generations in Australia. It personifies the earth, the sea, and time and their input in the erosion of a place, but also the question about sustainability.

Fundamentally, it is a poem about discovery and hope.

This poem was written in late 2013 as part of my unit “Poetry Seminar” during my Master’s degree. It was workshopped in 2013 and then in 2014 until finally, this year, I was able to finalise the meaning in the poem that I was trying to achieve. A huge thank you to all my fellow MA students from Macquarie University who gave me vital feedback.

Pages 189-190

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